23 Aug 2014
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How Are You Keeping Warm?

Share your best secrets for keeping the cold at bay.

How Are You Keeping Warm?

Breaking news: It’s really, really cold.

We’ve started a blog so that Patch readers can share their best cold-weather secrets: restaurants and bars with fireplaces, indoor activities for kids — you get the idea.

Anyone can post. Log into your Patch account (or click Join at the top right of our site to set up an account) and then  click here to go to Patch’s Keeping Warm Blog.

To post:

• Click on the "Write a new post" box beneath the blog title and description.

• Add a title for you post and fill out the other fields — click the "Add photo/video" button to upload your pictures/videos.

• Close out by clicking the "Post Now" button at the bottom. You’re done!

We can’t wait to hear how you’re keeping warm!

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