23 Aug 2014
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No Tax Increase, Service Cuts, Layoffs Necessary for 2013 Budget

The 2013 preliminary budget for Northampton Township was presented to the Board of Supervisors on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

No Tax Increase, Service Cuts, Layoffs Necessary for 2013 Budget

No tax increase, service cuts or lay offs will be needed to achieve the 2013 preliminary budget for Northampton Township, according to the supervisor chairman and township manager. The projected budget remains just under $28 million, as in 2012.

"We were able to [create a preliminary budget] with no tax increase, no service cuts, no layoffs," Board of Supervisors Chairman Frank Rothermel said.

Township manager Robert Pellegrino presented the preliminary budget to the board at Wednesday night's meeting, on Nov. 14. He reiterated that the projected budget doesn't require a tax increase, no trash and recycling fee increases (for the fifth straight year), no change in work force and no adding or laying off employees.

"You kinda stole my thunder Mr. Chairman, but it's OK," Pellegrino laughed after Rothermel announced the news.

The property tax millage for township residents will remain at 11.25 in 2013 if no changes are made to the preliminary budget, Pellegrino said. This translates to $397 per year or about $33 a month.

"This is the fourth year in a row we held that tax rate," he added.

Though there will be no increases to achieve the $28 million projection, Pellegrino said he did suggest it.

"It was my recommendation that we raise taxes this year," he said. "We're a very active organization. The public uses our facilities. We have a lot to maintain. We allocate our resources wisely and try to maximize the use of tax dollars."

With that said, Pellegrino added that the library and two other capitol appropraitions would benefit from tax increases. For example, he said that the library millage is insufficient to fund operation.

"I know at some point we are going to have to address those concerns," he said. 

But the township will avoid a tax increase by changing projections for revenue, Pellegrino added.

Several board members including George Komelasky and James Cunningham said they agree that now isn't the time to raise taxes.

The preliminary budget will be available to the public for inspection for 20 days both online and at the township building. The budget could be adopted at the next meeting, which is scheduled for Dec. 12.

Before the budget is adopted, the community can contact the board and township manager to ask questions, and will have the opportunity to raise concerns at the next meeting.

View information for the 2013 budget online at the township website:

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