Jul 28, 2014
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Northampton Township, Then and Now

Addisville Reformed Church is the oldest church in Northampton.

Northampton Township, Then and Now Northampton Township, Then and Now Northampton Township, Then and Now Northampton Township, Then and Now Northampton Township, Then and Now

A picturesque building by any definition, the in Richboro conjures up images of exactly what an old Bucks County country church should look like: beautiful, charming, welcoming. With its striking fieldstone exterior, stately white columns and tall steeple top, it commands attention from both passersby and drivers. In you’re anywhere within ear-shot, you’ll be charmed by the captivating Westminster chimes of the church bells, signaling the hour and playing soothing hymns at noon and 6 p.m.

The interior of the building is just as captivating. It’s spacious yet not overwhelming, decorated simply yet with dignity. It’s peaceful inside and a sense of comfort spreads through the pews and glistening stained-glass windows.

Built in 1858, the church is rich in history, tracing its religious roots back to 1710 when Dutch settlers from Salem and Sammery (Bensalem and Neshaminy) formed a small congregation in Bensalem. 

According the church’s website, “in 1737 this congregation moved to the newly erected Low Dutch Reformed Church of Bucks County, in what is now the graveyard near the Buck Hotel in Feasterville. In 1752, a little church was begun across from the present day Addisville Church.”

Both churches were in use for more than 60 years, but couldn’t keep up with repairs. Originally part of the collegiate church of the , the congregation eventually petitioned the Presbyterian Classics of Philadelphia, who agreed that a new church was needed in Lower Bucks. So in 1857, land was purchased from Gilliam Cornell, a prominent landowner in Northampton township. Ground was broken the following year and the congregation began its independence as the Reformed Dutch Church of Addisville.

Through the years, the building has been renovated and updated many times. To accommodate the increase in membership and support church programs and activities, a new parish life building was dedicated in December 1978. There’s always something going on with the church’s calendar of activities, which helps to keep members of all ages active and involved. 

Rev. Douglas Dwyer, senior pastor, said the congregation today has approximately 800 families and always welcomes new members.

“This congregation loves its community and is a force for good in our entire township," Dwyer said. "We have all kinds of programs to reach out to people—from preschoolers to seniors.” 

Addisville Reformed Church is located at 945 Second Street Pike in Richboro, PA. For more information visit www.addisville.org or call (215) 357-4277 to find out more about the many programs and activities available.

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