23 Aug 2014
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Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch

Got something to say? Tell us in your very own Patch blog.

Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch Patch 101: How to Blog with Patch

Northampton Patch is looking for local voices to blog on our site. We want people who can riff on a variety of topics, share their personality and engage the Northampton Township community in discussions.

Patch is more than a news site, it's an online conversation about your community. And we want to hear your voice.

  • Are you passionate about local issues?
  • Do you want to share your newest recipes?
  • Are you an expert craftsman or hobbyist who can share do-it-yourself tips?
  • Are you a student who wants to share your college experiences with your hometown?
  • Can you just make us all laugh?
  • Do you love taking photos around town?

Then, we want to hear from you.

This isn't a reporting job. It's blogging. You write what you want to say when you want to say it and do it on your own schedule. You can post multiple times a day, once a week or several times a month. It's up to you!

Patch won't own what you post, so you can repost your entries to and from your Wordpress and Tumblr account. Much like The Huffington Post has done, Patch is providing local bloggers an online platform to have their words seen by a larger audience.

The editor of Northampton Patch, Jenna Ekdahl, will review blog entries to ensure there are no libelous claims and to avoid obvious typos, but she won't change your content because your voice has a right to be heard.

If you're interested in learning more about blogging on Patch, submit an application here and tell us a little about yourself.

Once you're given blogging rights, follow these guidelines to upload your first blog:

  1. Log In to Patch.
  2. Select "Blog Central" from the tool bar (It will be on the far right).
  3. Click "Write a New Blog Post."
  4. Select the template. Use "Standard" if you're writing a post, or use "Media" if you are only uploading a photo, video or PDF.
  5. Write a compelling title that will attract readers to your blog.
  6. Type the body of your post. This is where you say what you want. 
  7. Add hyperlinks to articles you mention, website you talk about or to your other blogs.
  8. Select the "ABC check mark" button to make sure you've spelled everything correctly.
  9. Write a brief description about what you just wrote. IE: 10 steps on how to make vegetarian lasagna.
  10. Upload a photo, if you want.

And you're set. After selecting "Save & Preview" at the very bottom of the blog form, the editor of the site will receive an alert that a new blog post has been submitted. He or she will then review the entry and post it. If you write something compelling or of great public interest, your blog might even be featured in the top spot on the website.

Need a little inspiration? Check out bloggers on other Patch sites around the country:

  • Doylestown Patch features a and .
  • Kelly Grignon from Trenton Patch (in Michigan) .
  • David Merrick in Kensington, Md. .
  • A teenager from California's Capitola-Soquel Patch blogs about , music and skateboarding.

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