14 Sep 2014
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West View Elementary Hosts Annual Science Fair

Displays were judged in a number of categories ranging from most inventive to most disgusting.

West View Elementary Hosts Annual Science Fair West View Elementary Hosts Annual Science Fair

West View Elementary students of all grade levels entered science projects in the building's annual Science Fair. More than 160 project were included and topics ranged from mold growth on foods to disintegrating gummi candies and lighting a lightbulb with lemons. Community volunteers as well as North Hills School District faculty served as guest judges.

Judges' Favorite
First Place: Fourth-Grader Nick Izzi - Rusty Nails
Runners Up: Fourth-Grader Mary Sawicki - Caffeinated Drinks and Heart Rate; Fifth-Grader Adelle Loaney - Comparison of Different Ice Cream Cones; Sixth-Grader Anelise McGee - Popcorn and Storage Temperature Effects & Sixth-Grader Zach Neill - Distracted Driving

Attendees and students chose their favorites for the Fan Favorite Awards. All students voted during their tour of the fair. The Fan Favorite categories were Favorite K-3 Project, Favorite 4-6 Project, Most Disgusting Project and Most Inventive Project. 

Fan Favorite Awards
Grades K-3
First place: Third-Grader Sidney Hintemeyer - Volcano
Runners Up: Second-Grader Madelaine Kreisel - Making Eggshells Go Soft & Kindergartner Lillie Allen - Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Grades 4-6
Fire Place: Fifth-Grader Ethan Uechi - In What Conditions Will Water Catch Fire
Runner up: Fourth-Grader Hailey Counihan - Lifting with Pulleys

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Most Inventive
First Place: Fourth-Grader Leighton Griglery - Batteries and Best Value
Runner up: Second-Grader Michael Fuchs - Electromagnets

Most Disgusting
First Place: Fourth-Grader Josh Kubala - Toothbrush and Plaque Indicators
Runner up: Fourth-Grader Nick Izzi - Rusty Nails
A number of sixth-grade students have participated every year since kindergarten or first grade. They include:

  • Katlyn Imler - Letter Arrangement in Reading
  • Addison Kelble - Scented versus Unscented Candles
  • Skyler Lyle - Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers and Regular Soap
  • Ehryn McCann - Which Marker Dries Out Faster
  • Zach Neill - Distracted Driving
  • Sean Nolan - Pop Taste Test
  • Kyle Sweeney - Masking tape versus Duct Tape

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