Jul 27, 2014

Construction Begins on New Palmer CVS

As walls are put up at Northwood Avenue site, Sheetz still working out traffic issues for its store here.

Construction Begins on New Palmer CVS Construction Begins on New Palmer CVS Construction Begins on New Palmer CVS

The sign says: CVS Coming Soon.

With building permits approved three weeks ago, the three-lot development on Route 248 at the corner of Northwood Avenue is suddenly taking shape.

Construction crews are putting up the frame of what will be a 13,200-square-foot pharmacy.

Director of Planning Cyndie Carman said township officials have not been given a timetable as to when the CVS will be completed. But, based on the construction so far, Carman said she doesn't expect the work to take too long.

"I imagine they're trying to get it built as quickly as possible," Carman said.

Bill Hissam, project manager for in Palmer Township, was not available for comment.

The CVS, which will sit on a 2-acre lot, is the first project for the site. The second lot is expected to house a small strip mall with possibly a bank and the third is proposed for a.

"They got the building permits approved, finally got odds and ends done and the walls are going up now," said Supervisor Chairman David Colver, who expects to CVS to be ready by the end of the year.

Colver said while he is excited by the new retail, he and other township officials are concerned about the traffic impact on an already .

Colver said, though, that CVS access will be on Northwood Avenue and that access to Sheetz and the other businesses would be from Route 248.

The township and Strausser are also working with PennDOT to put up possibly two or three traffic signals around the site to alleviate gridlock.

Meanwhile, plans for the Sheetz store -- which is expected to be the largest in the Lehigh Valley -- might get back on track soon after the developer asked the township in April for an extension to work out details.

Carman said that Sheetz is still working out traffic issues.

"I think within six months, they'll be ready for construction," she said.

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