Jul 29, 2014

Crime Rises Again in Forks for June

Forks Township Police Chief Greg Dorney reports 15 more crime incidents in June compared with May.

Crime Rises Again in Forks for June

Forks Township Police Chief Greg Dorney has reported 663 criminal incidents for June compared with 647 in May and 631 in April.


  • Eight thefts, including three cases of $200 or more being stolen from a building and one each of $200 or more from a vehicle or bicycle.
  • Three cases of fraud, including one for wire and another for credit cards.
  • Two incidents of harassment and one of harassment by communication.
  • Twelve domestic disturbances, eight fights or disputes.
  • 39 reports of suspicious persons or vehicles.
  • Two cases of property damage.
  • Eight cases of criminal mischief.
  • Eight cases of criminal mischief to automobiles.
  • Two cases of lost or missing property.
  • There were also two cases involving a runaway or incorrigible female, one littering offense, one protective order, one for trespassing, for one marijuana possession, one for criminal mischief to buildings, one threat and one simple assault.


  • 139 traffic citations and one non-traffic citation.
  • 37 traffic and parking problems.
  • 13 motor vehicle accidents.
  • Two cases of careless driving.
  • Six traffic violations.
  • Six traffic-related incidents.
  • One case of driving without a license.


  • 12 real or false alarms for fires.
  • 54 911 calls.
  • 52 for unfounded alarms. 
  • Nine for disabled vehicles.
  • 28 building checks.
  • Seven police information notifications.
  • 57 responses for officer assistance.
  • 48 public service reports.
  • 41 medical assistance calls.
  • Three police escorts.
  • Two checks on reports.
  • Four for fingerprinting.
  • One warrant was also served.

There was also one service call for an animal and two service calls for someone being locked out of a vehicle or building.


  • 17 animal complaints and seven dog law offenses or bites.
  • Four cases of recovered property.
  • Five cases of people being locked out of their vehicles or buildings.
  • One case of wires or poles being down, one of a water main leak.

The police department assisted other police departments five times during the month.

The foregoing information was supplied by . Where arrests are indicated, it does not indicate a conviction.

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