Jul 29, 2014

Do You Want Armed Guards in Easton Schools?

The NRA on Friday called for every school in the country to have armed guards. Is that a solution?

Do You Want Armed Guards in Easton Schools?

Earlier this week -- in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting -- we asked if Easton should restore security guards to its elementary schools.

On Friday, the National Rifle Association said that needs to happen in every school in the nation. And not just guards, but guards with guns. 

"Can't we afford to put a police officer in every single school?" asked NRA president Wayne LaPierre.

That's a question school officials will be asking in the next few weeks. (Easton Area High School in Palmer Township and Easton Area Middle School in Forks Township already have armed police officers, the Express-Times noted Friday.)

Is LaPierre's suggestion something all schools need to adopt? Take our poll, and tell us in the comments. 

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