23 Aug 2014
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Forks Begins Budget Hearings

Forks Township officials begin work on 2013 municipal budget.

Forks Begins Budget Hearings

Forks Township officials have begun work on the 2013 municipal budget.

At its work session last week, township officials gathered to lay the groundwork for a budget they hope will hold the line on taxes, especially after a year in which many municipal projects have gone over budget.

"This is the first time to start talking," Township Manager John Cornell said.

Cornell had each department head go through their budgets and provide recommendations for "where things are going" in the next year.

On the revenue end, Finance Director Jim Farley said things are "relatively flat."

Farley said that growth in the township has been modest in the past few years.

"There's nothing really shocking," he said.

Farley said that state funding will be lower than hoped, but that a $280,000 state recycling grant will help balance the books.

Forks has had to make financial adjustments for several projects that have gone over budget, including the amphitheater and public works building, which is now under construction.

The police and recreation department budgets were discussed during the work session as supervisors went over every line item.

Police Chief Greg Dorney said that revenue from vehicle violations is projected at $50,000 for 2013.

Vehicle violations generated only $21,000 for this year, but Dorney explained that one officer was out for half the year.

Farley said he didn't believe the $50,000 revenue projection was that "far-fetched" because vehicle violations brought in $48,000 in 2011.

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