Jul 26, 2014
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Field of Dreams Takes Shape in Palmer

The Miracle League Field is springing to life in Palmer Township. Opening Day is Sept. 9.

Field of Dreams Takes Shape in Palmer Field of Dreams Takes Shape in Palmer Field of Dreams Takes Shape in Palmer Field of Dreams Takes Shape in Palmer Field of Dreams Takes Shape in Palmer

For a Friday morning, the activity at this site is hectic.

Workers build a dugout and lay a rubber coating on the ground as Palmer Township Supervisor Bob Lammi oversees the operation. Meanwhile, a short distance away, Supervisors Chairman Dave Colver is helping to put a beam in place.

All of this work is leading up to the shout of "Play Ball" as the prepares for at its brand-new field.

Colver's company, David E. Colver Inc., is serving as project manager and since April 30, his crew has been working non-stop to turn this patch of land in the back left corner of the into a Field of Dreams.

"This is my baby," Lammi said. "I come here every day. I'm putting together a photographic history and video of the project."

Colver estimated that the project could be completed in 133 days. He's scheduled to wrap it up on Aug. 31, leaving a little more than a week for some touch-up work.

"This has been a very rapid project," said Lammi, who serves as vice president on the Miracle League board of directors.

The field will provide an opportunity for children and adults with disabilities to play baseball at a facility that meets the unique needs of the players and their families.

The field will serve the greater Northampton County area. It's easily accessible for residents of Lehigh County, Monroe County, upper Bucks County and Warren County, NJ.

On this day, workers are laying down a compound of green and black rubber for the field. Then tannish rubber will be installed for the "dirt" portion of the infield and white rubber for the bases.

Lammi said a fence and video board is also coming shortly.

"We felt a video board would be great for children to hear their name and see their face," Lammi said. "It adds more excitement to the children's experience."

He said the dugouts will be able to withstand 120 mph winds. There's also a pavilion and picnic area.

The league is set up to play baseball for a month. Lammi said teams will be made up of 15 children and so far 85 have signed up for the league.

Colver said the project is "huge" for Palmer Township.

"To be cited by Northampton County is great," Colver said. "When Bob came to us with the idea, you've got everything in place in Palmer Township, the water, sewer and parking lot."

Chot Mattes, a retired electrician who lives nearby, is thrilled to be a part of the project.

""I'm really impressed," he said. "It's amazing what this field does for the kids. To see their faces when they hear their names called. Imagine what that feels like?"

For athletes to sign up to play and volunteers to assist, visit www.miracleleagueofnc.org

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