23 Aug 2014
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No Sale of Braden Airpark in Forks?

Forks Township officials say that Lehigh Northampton Airport Authority consultant not interested in buying Sullivan Trail airport site.

No Sale of Braden Airpark in Forks?

"It's all premature," Forks Township Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss stressed.

But the Braden Airpark on Sullivan Trail might not be sold, at least not to a key developer, Chuss mentioned at Thursday night's supervisors work session.

In a letter to the supervisoprs about a Nov. 30 introductory meeting between Forks and airport officials, Township Manager John Cornell wrote "the representatives present stated that the Rockefeller Group [airport authority consultant] does not have an interest in purchasing the Braden Airpark."

"They're leaning against it," Chuss said.

The airport authority is examining all its properties for potential sale to pay off a massive debt.

Forks officials sought a meeting with the airport authority and the Rockefeller Group to discuss the airport's zoning and what potential plans might be for the 80-acre tract.

Chuss, who attended with Cornell, said the Rockefeller Group expected to complete its report of sale recommendations by January.

Chuss said he discovered that the Rockefeller Group specialized in real estate -- such as office complexes and industrial usage -- not residential.

In its agreement with the airport authority, the Rockefeller Group can purchase any airport tracts it desires.

But the representatives said at the meeting that the Rockefeller Group will instead make recommendations on how best to market and develop Braden Airpark for the benefit of the LNAA and Forks Township.

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