15 Sep 2014
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Palmer Pushes Stalled Sheetz Project

Palmer Township officials try to revive stalled Sheetz project.

Palmer Pushes Stalled Sheetz Project

In an effort to get the stalled Sheetz development moving again, Palmer Township's solicitor has sought the green light on a traffic light.

Township Solicitor Charles Bruno recently presented the Board of Supervisors with an addendum that addresses the issue of a traffic light at Route 248 and .

With a new nearly finished on the Northwood Center property, Bruno encouraged supervisors to approve spending $250,000 to help develop the intersection.

"My intent was to advance the process," Bruno said. "The process has been ongoing for a while and this will allow the process to move forward."

The project has stalled for several months as the developer, Strausser Enterprises, sought permit approval from the state Department of Transportation. Strausser has proposed to build the largest convenience store in the Lehigh Valley.

As part of this proposal, Bruno said, the township would pursue PennDOT approval.

"This is something we should put on the table so we can't be accused of holding the process up," Supervisor Bob Lammi said.

Strausser has land on the north of the property that is undeveloped and might include some strip stores near the Sheetz.

Bruno said a traffic light is warranted at the intersection.

He said if costs exceed $250,000, the developer will pick up the rest of the tab.

Bruno said to secure the developer's obligation he has posted security for the CVS project and he will need to post security for the Sheetz project.

Bruno said he hasn't heard back from the developer but the board can approve execution of the agreement conditioned on the developer signing and posting security and that will allow the process to move forward.

Supervisors Chairman Dave Colver asked what would happen if something with the project changed.

Bruno said he would have to come back to the board for approval. He said the proposal is contigent on Strausser's execution first.

"The concern is that there has to be a limit of the township's obligation to the project," Bruno said. 

Supervisors agreed to authorize signing the Land Development Improvements Agreement and Addendum, conditioned on the developer signing both documents and posting the required financial security.

Bruno also requested authorization for signing a previously reviewed proposal from Traffic Planning and Design Inc. for engineering work at an estimated cost of $13,900. That cost was also in relation to the Sheetz project.

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