Jul 29, 2014

Palmer Supervisor Announces Re-Election Bid

Palmer Township Supervisor K. Michael Mitchell has announced his intention to seek re-election.

Palmer Supervisor Announces Re-Election Bid

Palmer Township Supervisor K. Michael Mitchell is running for re-election.

"I am pleased to announce my run for re-election in the Democratic primary for Palmer Township Supervisor," Mitchell said in a press release.

"First. I would like to thank the residents of Palmer for all of their support throughout my 14 years of tenure as a Supervisor to this great township.  It has been an honor and privilege to serve as a supervisor for a Township that I care so deeply about."

The news comes a week after longtime Palmer Supervisor Bob Lammi stated that he would not run for re-election.

Mitchell said that during his tenure, "I have done my very best to make responsible decisions that I truly believe are in the best interest of our township."

He said those include "aiding in the addition of our Community Center, which has been such a vital component to our Township for people of all ages."

"I have worked closely with the contractors and builders in order to keep the township growing at a moderate pace to ensure that our intersection and roads stay safe," he said. "I have helped to bring new business and jobs to Palmer."

Mitchell also said he took pride in the fact that Palmer's taxes have remained stable for the past five years.

He also touted his work in helping establish a successful recreational program that is used by "so many of our residents."

"I have also overseen the police department and have worked very hard to ensure that they remain well trained to keep Palmer a safe place to work and live," Mitchell stated.

"My top goal upon re-election as Palmer Supervisor is to continue to improve our  community, to continue to remain fiscally responsible and to keep it a safe and wonderful place to live. Again, I appreciate all the support the residents have given me over the years and I would request your continued support for my re-election."

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