Jul 26, 2014
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Reasons to Like Palmer/Forks Patch on Facebook

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Reasons to Like Palmer/Forks Patch on Facebook

It's six months now since I took over as editor of this site and I want to thank all of you for using it as your source of local news, information and conversation for our great communities of Palmer and Forks townships.

During this time, our following and readership has continued to grow at a steady pace. We have you, the Patch readers and users, to thank for that.

As Palmer/Forks Patch users, you all know what a valuable resource this website is to the community.

Another great resource is the Palmer/Forks Facebook Page, which like the site itself, is a place to get news, community information and conversation you can’t find anywhere else.

We’d like to ask you to help us reach our goal of getting 1,000 Facebook likes for 2013. And if you already like us, please spread the word.

1) Real-time Updates About News

Remember the power outages that came during Hurricane Sandy. We reported that on our Facebook page first.  You can expect more of the same when the winter storms come.

2) You Help Create the Conversation

Big or small stories generate important conversations in our communities. There is something about Facebook that makes it seem like you're sitting around talking with your friends.

3) Keep Your Neighbors Informed

When folks have questions (like why is my power suddenly out), road closings and more, they turn to each other on our Facebook page to get answers. Let's help keep each other informed. 

4) Stay Connected With Neighbors and Readers

At Palmer/Forks Patch, it's not always about breaking news. Sometimes we just like a great conversation.

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