Jul 28, 2014

Light at Sullivan Trail and Meco Road Finally Under Way

Construction is expected to start for a stop light at the Meco Road and Sullivan Trail intersection in Forks Township within next week or two.

Light at Sullivan Trail and Meco Road Finally Under Way


The stop light at in Forks Township was supposed to happen eight years ago ... then two years ago ... and then by the end of 2011.

But now, officials say there is definitely a light going up with work expected to start either March 26 or the first week of April. Township Supervisors Chairman Erik Chuss said he expects it to be operational by July.

Township Public Works Director Mark Roberts said the poles and electrical wires on the east side of Sullivan Trail at Meco Road have already been removed. He said a contractor is expected to show up in the next two weeks to do work on the west side of Sullivan Trail. 

"I guess I'll believe it when I see them show up," Chuss said at .

Residents have complained for years about the need for a traffic light at the busy intersection.

Township officials have stated that they believe the light is probably the most important traffic signal in town.

Chuss said the signal is important because traffic on Sullivan Trail has increased significantly over the past decade and that traffic studies have deemed the intersection to be "an unsafe situation."

"This is probably one of the highest priorities in the township," he said.

Police Chief Greg Dorney agreed.

"I don't even know how many incidents we've had there because there have been so many," Dorney said. "It's an intersection of heavy congestion and concern."

Officials said delays have been caused over the years from legal complications with some residents concerned about the ramifications that intersection expansion would have on their driveways.

Officials said the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation also made numerous design and right-of-way changes due to changes in agency standards.

Lehigh Valley Site Contractors of Easton will place the light at the intersection at a cost of $840,000.

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