Jul 28, 2014
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Editor's Note on Hurricane Sandy Coverage

A big "Thank You," Perk Valley Patch Readers, for being awesome.

Editor's Note on Hurricane Sandy Coverage

Hi Everyone -

The past few days have been extremely exciting, as we've experienced the brunt of Hurricane Sandy together from throughout the Perkiomen Valley.

Thousands of readers who were essentially stuck in their homes for two days were able to share their news and experiences in many ways - our county-wide live feed, comments, Facebook and Twitter conversations, uploaded photos and much more.

As the Perk Valley Local Editor, I provided all of the information I could from outside sources and reporting (with a lot of help from the Montgomery County Patch team) - but an important part of the news came from readers' laptops, PCs and mobile devices throughout the Perkiomen Valley.

To me, that's the power of Patch; a combination of hard news, municipal stories and local features, along with updates, events, photos and blogs posted by readers to give the site "local voices."

I hope, now that the hurricane is over and you're not clinging to electronics as one of few links to the outside world, you keep regularly utilizing the assets that make this site so great (if you're not already, of course) - you can join here to comment, post announcements, events, blogs, and photos, and you can sign up for daily updates or breaking news when you join.

And, as always, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you again for all of your involvement over the past few days. It was a pleasure helping to keep you informed!


Brittany.Tressler@Patch.com (Feel free to e-mail me, any time!)

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