21 Aug 2014
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Looking Ahead for Trappe Fire Company

An old firehouse and aging vehicles has Trappe Borough Council and the Trappe Fire Company planning for the future.

Looking Ahead for Trappe Fire Company

Trappe Councilman Marshall Stomel reported at the October 2, 2012 monthly Council meeting that the Streets, Traffic and Safety committee met with the fire company to discuss planning and options.

“Our fire house is 100 years old,” reported Fire Chief Brian Long. “We’ve built expansions over the years, but it’s old. The basement walls are crumbling and we’re doing the best we can right now."

The volunteer fire company receives 38% of its revenue from Trappe Borough, 40% from donations and 22% from Upper Providence (the Trappe fire company responds to calls in parts of Upper Providence township).

The Trappe Fire Company and Ambulance service operate out of one building, but they are separate entities. While the fire company is a volunteer organization, the ambulance is 95-97% paid crew.

“Does the ambulance service pay for itself,” asked Councilman Scholl.

“It bills insurance companies and sustains itself,” answered Chief Long. “The service costs about $60,000 a month. Workers comp runs $100,000 per year. It’s tight."

The ladder truck is 13 years old and will cost $800,000 to replace. One new cardiac monitor for an ambulance costs $38,000.

The fire and ambulance services run separate donation campaigns twice a year, generally six months apart. Trappe residents who contribute to the ambulance campaign will not be charged for services their private insurance company doesn’t cover. Donations are accepted at any time by the Trappe fire company and by the Trappe EMS.

TTT ( Trappe Today and Tomorrow) is holding a Moon Harvest Beef and Beer on November 10. Tickets will be available at Trappe Borough Hall at $25 each. Tickets may also be ordered online. All proceeds will be split between TTT and the Trappe Fire Company.

The next Trappe Borough Council meeting date has changed due to Election Day on Tuesday, November 6. The public is invited to attend the next meeting on Tuesday, November 13 at 7 pm at Borough Hall.

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