15 Sep 2014
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Skippack Releases Vision for Township in Comprehensive Plan

The township planner and engineer presented a 2012 update to the plan, including recommendations for the future of the township.

Skippack Releases Vision for Township in Comprehensive Plan


Skippack Township officials unanimously adopted a comprehensive plan for the municipality at their December meeting, following a public presentation from township engineer Tim Woodrow and planner Joseph Zadlo.

The final chapter of the 47-page report highlights a vision for Skippack regarding various aspects of the township, with the exception of open space – that will be revisited in 2016, ten years after the 2006 open space plan was created.

To view the entire comprehensive plan, click here.

Housing Plan

While all types of housing are well represented in the township, the current sewer system has a large impact on housing, as there are areas not served by public sewers, according to the plan.

The 2012 update proposes a residential ordinance that permits a density of one dwelling unit per four acres be drafted, including the underlying zoning of the lands of the airport.

Economic Development

The plan recommends a structure be developed in which the public and private sectors address economic development, particularly to take a proactive role in developing the non-residential land. This may include rezoning large tracts of land.

The plan states that the township has taken a “free market” approach to the economic development of the township, and that it could be improved upon with research and wide-ranging input.


Acknowledging that most transportation plans tend to be more regional, it is recommended that a Skippack Township Transportation Plan be prepared by 2015.


  Energy – Conservation of energy should be a township-sponsored effort, potentially including renewable and solar energy, the plan says.

  Trash/Recycling – It is suggested that the township consider a single trash hauler for the entire township to minimize cost to homeowners and less traffic and noise on residential roads.

  Water – An overall water plan should be prepared, similar to a 537 plan for sewer, according to the plan.

  Communications – The plan proposes creating a Twitter and Facebook accounts to keep pace with current times. “This may seem farfetched but it is suggested here that it is not,” the plan states.

  Industry – It is recommended that structure for cooperation between the township and industrial users would be beneficial to both the individual industrial users and the township – it can also attract new industrial users.

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