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School Board Discusses Cyberbullying Policy, Welcomes Teachers

Peters Township Athletic Director Brian Geyer also spoke about good sportsmanship and the YES policy Monday night.

School Board Discusses Cyberbullying Policy, Welcomes Teachers School Board Discusses Cyberbullying Policy, Welcomes Teachers School Board Discusses Cyberbullying Policy, Welcomes Teachers School Board Discusses Cyberbullying Policy, Welcomes Teachers

The new school year is about to begin and the wants you to know it's ready.

Superintendent Dr. Nina Zetty welcomed the return of teachers Monday night at the regular board meeting. This week, teachers are preparing for the arrival of students next Monday.

The board showed a slideshow presentation of teachers who were recognizing milestones in their career. The presentation featured teachers who were celebrating 20, 10 and five years of service in the district.

The board members also approved the hire of new teachers, substitutes and other service personnel.

Zetty praised incoming staff members.

"We have outstanding additions to our school district," she said. "We are really blessed to have the staff we have."


In addition to welcoming the returning teachers, the board made some final revisions to a draft of its Anti-Bullying/Cyberbullying policy. President Cindy Golembiewski discussed the changes in the draft.

Board member Sue Smith asked for additional clarification on the changes, believing the wording to be nebulous.

The Anti-Bullying/Cyberbullying mission statement is:

"The board is committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for district students. The board recognizes that bullying creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, detracts from the safe environment necessary for student learning, and may lead to more serious violence. Therefore, the board prohibits bullying by district students."

The board defines bullying as an intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act, or series of acts directed at another student or students which occur in a school setting, that is severe, persistent or pervasive.

resident Michele Bittel asked for a proviso on teacher-on-student bullying in the Anti-Bullying/Cyberbullying policy. She went on to ask about teacher-on-teacher violence and other aspects of bullying that were not covered in the document. The board agreed she made some excellent points.

"We hope that situations like that don't happen," Zetty said. "It would probably be considered harassment and would be covered by our code of conduct rules."


Peters Township School District Athletic Director Brian Geyer talked about good sportsmanship with Youth Exemplifying Sportsmanship (YES). 

PTSD describes sportsmanship as: "The ability to win without gloating, lose without complaining, and treating everyone with respect."

"When we go to other school districts for competitions we want out kids to act appropriately, our coaches to act appropriately and we want our athletes to reflect well on our community," Geyer said. 

He also discussed his work with updating policy and bylaws of the various athletics, activities and booster clubs.


The board also approved of several recommendations to consider motions on authorizing the law firm of Peacock, Keller & Ecker to file several appeals in some ongoing legal conflicts. Board member Bill Merrell was the dissenting voice, voting against each of the six recommendations involving the law firm. The motions were approved. 


Board member David Hvizdos announced the South Hills Area School Districts Association High School Award (SHASDA) meeting will be held on Sept. 27, 2012 in the Upper St. Clair High School LGI at 5 p.m.

Vice president Lori Cuervo was absent from the meeting, but the board discussed a Building and Grounds meeting to take place next Monday, Aug. 27, at 6:30 p.m.

The plan is to continue a discussion about resurfacing the basketball courts. The basketball association has pledged $16,000 for the effort.

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