Jul 29, 2014


Flood your Senator and Representative with letters, emails, calls, and faxes and demand an end to automated traffic enforcement for profit, no RADAR for local police, and no photo RADAR.

US HOUSE APPROVES BAN ON FEDERAL TRAFFIC CAMERA FUNDING( http://www.thenewspaper.com/news/44/4437.asp)
 License plate readers and photo enforcement cameras will not receive federal funding under House-passed legislation.

The US House of Representatives voted 255 to 172 last Tuesday in favor of a ban on federal funding of red light cameras, speed cameras and automated license plate readers (ALPR or ANPR). Representative John Fleming (R-Louisiana) proposed the measure as an amendment to the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill which has yet to be taken up by the Senate.

Finally, elected leaders in Washington, D.C. are doing what Pennsylvania’s public servants should have done long ago.  However, taxing safe motorists unfairly with fraudulent technology is more in keeping with the character of the characters in Harrisburg.  Never mind that red light ticket cameras increase accidents, injuries and fatalities.  Never mind that photo RADAR will do the same.  It is more important for Senator Rafferty,  Nicholas  Micozzie,  the rest of the legislature and their camera lobby benefactors to lie and get the money than worry about life and limb of their subjects.

We know they are up to no good.  Call, write, email and fax and tell them that we are  on to them,  and will vote them out this November unless they ban camera enforcement for profit in Pennsylvania.

 Tom McCarey
 Berwyn, PA 19312
 610 687 7607

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