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Health Dept. Inspects Fenice Creolo, Others

Going forward, Phoenixville Patch will be able to provide more detailed restaurant inspection reports.

Health Dept. Inspects Fenice Creolo, Others

*Editor's note: Going forward, we'll be able to provide health inspection reports in a more timely, detailed manner. Below are the results from January of 2013.

The following Phoenixville businesses were inspected by the Chester County Health Department in the month of January. An important caveat: the language of these reports can be misleading, as they often describe potential problems as actual problems. For example, “presence of rodents/insects” could mean there's an infestation, or it might just mean the business in question left a back door open—which could lead to an infestation. 

The results of each of the state's 2012 health inspections are available  here.

Chartwells at Barkley Elementary School

Date of Inspection: 1/16/2013

Result: Out of Compliance


  • Storing Clean Items

Inspector Comments: Observed single-service, single-use articles stored (trays) in the dry storage area directly on the floor, and not 6 inches above the floor.

  • Distressed Merchandise Segregated

Inspector Comments: Badly dented can of cheese observed in the dry storage room. Please refer to the Distressed Canned Foods handout provided for compliance requirements pursuant to Food Code §300.441. The dented cans were removed from the shelves during the inspection.

  • Controlling Pests, Removing Dead or Trapped Birds, Insects, Rodents and Pests

Inspector Comments: Six oriental cockroaches (four alive) were observed under the three compartment sink. One dead oriental cockroach observed in the dry storage room and seven dead oriental cockroaches under the lockers. Provide pest control reports for the previous two months as well as an action plan for moving forward to my attention by January 18, 2013. The four traps for the floor drains in the kitchen must be kept wet.

Fenice Creolo

902 Village at Eland, Phoenixville

Result: In Compliance

Date of Inspection: 1/24/13


  • Ventilation Hood System Adequacy

Inspector Comments: Makeup air observed very weak at the exhaust hood. It was reported that the system is to be serviced early next week. Forward pertinent documentation to my attention by January 29, 2013. Phoenixville Borough is responsible for enforcing NFPA code regarding the automatic fire suppression system installed in the exhaust hood; contact the Borough regarding compliance.

  • Materials, Design, Construction & Installation of Storage Areas & Waste Receptacles

Inspector Comments: Provide a dumpster plug for the far dumpster (plug observed broken).

Hong Kong Chef

701 Nutt Road, Phoenixville

Result: Out of Compliance

Date of Inspection: 1/14/2013


  • Preventing Cross-Contamination of Packaged and Unpackaged Food by Separation, Packaging & Segregation

Inspector Comments: Raw chicken stored above raw beef (thawing) in the walk-in refrigerator. Corrected on-site by moving the raw beef to another location. Proper segregation is required at all times.

  • Plumbing Facilities in Good Repair, Cross Connection Prohibited, Scheduled Inspections, Cleaning Water Reservoirs

Inspector Comments: Water observed pooled on floor under the hand washing sink. Find the source of the water and repair.  


2669 Charlestown Road, Phoenixville

Result: In Compliance

Date of Inspection: 1/15/2013


  • Objective of Cleaning Food Contact Surfaces & Utensils

Inspector Comments: Ice machine interior was observed to have a discolored build-up in the maker components. Have the unit cleaned and sanitized. 

Taste of the Tropics: Philippine Island Cuisine

277 Schuylkill Road, Phoenixville

Result: Out of Compliance

Date of Inspection: 1/22/2013


  • Hot Holding Potentially Hazardous Foods

Inspector Comments: Beef that was cooked previous to the inspection (reportedly cooked at 12:00 pm) was held in the steam table at 117 degrees F. The pan the beef is held in was elevated above the water level in the steam table. The pan was placed below the water level in the steam table during the inspection; temperature 137 degrees F.

  • Ventilation Hood System Adequacy

Inspector Comments: The exhaust ventilation hood was not operating upon entering the facility, where cooking equipment was powered underneath. The fan shall be operating when cooking where grease and/or smoke vapors could be expected and at also all times when equipment is powered.

  • Air Gap Requirement, Design of Backflow Prevention & Conditioning Devices

Inspector Comments: The food preparation sink is not installed with an indirect waste connection. The indirect connection (i.e., air gap) between the drain line and the sewerage system line must be a minimum of one inch (1 inch) or twice the inside diameter of the drain line.

Three compartment sink does not have an adequate air gap of at least 1 inch, between the water supply (spray hose) and flood rim of the sink.

  • Surface Characteristics of Indoor Areas of Food Facilities

Inspector Comments: Six stained ceiling panels in the rear of the kitchen and one stained ceiling panel near the entry to the hallway from the dining room were observed. It was reported that a new roof was installed during early January 2013. Monitor for new leaks and report to property maintenance if new leaks are observed.

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