Jul 29, 2014

Then and Now: Answer Edition

We reveal the answer to last week's photo.

Then and Now: Answer Edition Then and Now: Answer Edition

Fine work, as always Phoenixville. Per usual, we got a great response to last week's Then and Now photo challenge, but reader Peter C. Brown was the first to correctly identify the location of the building as the corner of Charlestown Road and Pothouse Road.

Below, via the Historical Society of the Phoenixville Area, is some more background on the house:

The following description comes from “Chester Bounty Place Names” by Edward Pinkowski.

“Wilmer (pop. 200) is a quiet residential section clustered around Valley Forge Army Hospitalon the southwestern edge of Phoenixville. It was originally named for Harvey Thomas, who cutup his farm and sold lots for homebuilding. Thomas almost missed naming the village when in1884 Robert C. Gow, its first postmaster, wrote to Washington and had the post office namedSnap. The name lasted less than three months. In July of that year the post office was renamedManavoon, after the birthplace in Wales and the land patent of David Lloyd to whom in 1708William Penn granted a tract of land on which this village was laid out. The Pickering Valleyrailroad station, on the other hand, was called Harveyville until a local resident, Joseph Harris,lost his son Wilmer in the war to save the world for democracy. He had the station renamedWilmer in memory of his son, and the name was extended to the settlement. The Manavoon postoffice, however, was closed March 3, 1890.”

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