Jul 30, 2014

Hasbro to Lock-Up Monopoly Icon

The board game will soon lose one of its tokens, and the choice is up to its players.

Hasbro to Lock-Up Monopoly Icon

Are you always the top hat? You better make a move to save it!

The popular board game with ties to the nearby Atlantic City is about to have a makeover. One of its original eight game tokens will soon be locked-up.

The popular toy company,  Hasbro , plans to give its famed game  Monopoly a makeover. It is asking its users to vote on which tokens should stay and which new shape should take the loser's place.

"The tokens are one of the most iconic parts of the MONOPOLY game, and we know that people are emotionally tied to their favorite one," said Eric Nyman, Senior Vice President and Global Brand Leader for Hasbro Gaming. "When we decided to replace one of the tokens in the game, we knew we had to involve our fans in the process."

He said that Hasbro is anxious to see who will take top billing.

"We can't wait to see which iconic piece will ‘go to jail' and which new token the fans will choose to become part of one of the world's most popular games," said Nyman.

Currently, players can select to move around the famed board as the thimble, the racecar, the shoe, the Scottie dog, the ship, the top hat, the iron or the wheelbarrow. Players can save their favorite token  by voting on Facebook. You can click here to vote for your favorite to stay.

Voters are also asked to share their votes and promote on social media with the hashtag #tokenvote.

According to Stuff.co.nz, the makers of the popular game, which asks its players to acquired properties, charge rents and build homes and hotels, the icon chosen to replace the soon-to-be-ousted token will also be done by Monopoly players.

Choices for replacement include a robot, guitar, cat, diamond ring or helicopter. See the new token choices here.

Which player piece will you chose to save?

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