Jul 29, 2014

Keep an 'Eye' Out for Pottstown-Stowe Lions Club

Local Lions will be positioned at Redner's through Sunday to raise funds for the blind.

Keep an 'Eye' Out for Pottstown-Stowe Lions Club

If you see someone outside of Redner's Warehouse Markets on North Charolette Street in Pottstown, lend them your change. The 21-member Pottstown-Stowe Lions Club will spend the weekend in front of the popular grocery store chain in order to collect funds for the blind and vision impaired.

According to an article on the Sanatoga Post, the club's president Ronne Schoudt said that the Lions spend much of their civic service on the area's vision assistance and vision improvement programs. Monday, Oct. 15, marked the National White Cane Safety Day, designed to promote safety for the blind.

In honor of the day, the Pottstown-Stowe Lions will spend the weekend fundraising in order to provide eye glasses at little or no cost to Pottstown residents in need. The club also collects eyeglasses that are later processed and distributed.

According to the Post, the club also supports programs that "deal with eye health or assistance for the blind, including Leader Dogs for the Blind, Beacon Lodge, the Delaware Valley Eye Bank and the Pottstown Training Center among other non-profits in Pottstown.

For the full story, visit this Post link about the local Lions Club.

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