22 Aug 2014
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Make it a Memorable Valentine's Day with DIY Love Notes

Your child will enjoy making these sweet Valentines almost as much as their classmates will enjoy receiving them!

Make it a Memorable Valentine's Day with DIY Love Notes

Sure, you could pick up a box of perforated Valentine cards at the drugstore, and the only DIY involved would be tearing them apart, stuffing them into envelopes and licking that fabulous envelope-sealing glue.

But how much fun is that? Your kids won't remember the Valentine-making experience until next year, let alone for the rest of their lives. Their classmates will take a brief look at the cards before tossing them in the round file, because they'll be exactly like 20 others they get.

These homemade Valentines are pretty simple to do, not very expensive, and your children will love making them as much as their classmates love receiving them! With your child's help, you can easily make a classroom's worth of Valentines in one evening.

I think you're a cutie! - Pop a pair of clementines in a sandwich bag with a sweet note attached. (The "cutie" refers to a recognizable brand of clementines, Cuties.)

My Healthy Valentine - Take single-serving boxes of California raisins and stick on a heart with the message, "You're the 'raisin' I'm smiling!"

Lollipop photo Valentine - Take a photo of your child holding out his or her fist (as if handing over a bouquet of flowers). Include a Valentine's message and your child's name, and print out enough copies for his or her classmates. The cut a small slit at the top and bottom of the fist on each copy, and slide a lollipop stick between the slits.

You rock! - Label individual packs of Pop Rocks with a cute note that says, "Valentine, you rock!" Have your child draw musical instruments or symbols on each note.

Just write - Cut out a heart shaped piece of paper. Write a note, "You're just write for me!" Use a hole punch to put holes on either edge of the heart, about midway up each side, then slide a new, unsharpened pencil. You may need to tape the pencil to the back of the heart, if the holes don't hold it snugly.

What is your child's teacher planning for Valentine's Day? Tell us below.

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