22 Aug 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by dorispectorfineart
Patch Instagram photo by dorispectorfineart

10-28-13 Radnor BOC now on You Tube

Radnor BOC now on You Tube.

10-28-13 Radnor Board of Commissioners (BOC) Meeting, Part 1 of 3. In this segment: Pledge of Allegiance; Public Participation (The Public have their say.); Notice of Executive Session preceding the  Board of Commissioners meeting of October 28, 2013. (1). Approval  of minutes for the Board of Commissioners meeting of August 26, 2013. http://youtu.be/Ndb6lA0MOMk Produced by John F. Haines,  Sr. email: jhainessr@gmail.com

10-28-13 Radnor Board of Commissioners (BOC) Meeting, Part 2 of  3. In this segment: (2.) Consent Agenda: (a.) Approval of Staff Traffic Meeting Minutes September 18, 2013 & October 16, 2013. (b.) Motion for authorization to receive bids to replace all existing  parking meters throughout Radnor Township with kiosks that would  accept credit cards/coin/bill and cellular payments. Public Comment.  (c.) Approved. Resolution #2013-132 - Garrett Hill Implementation Committee One (1) Year Extension. (3.) Motion to accept Department Monthly Reports. 4. Committee Reports. PUBLIC  SAFETY: (A.) Ordinance #2013-17 - (Introduction) Amending the  Code of the Township of Radnor, Chapter 270, Vehicles and Traffic, Revising Sections 270-16 Stop Intersections, 270-28 Parking Prohibited At All Times, 270-29 Parking Prohibited Certain Hours, 270-31 Special Purpose Parking Zones and 270-57 Parking Meter Zones Established. PERSONNEL & ADMINISTRATION: (B.) Resolution #2013-130 - Amendment to the Township Manager's Employment Contract. FINANCE & AUDIT: (C.) Disbursement Review and Approval: 2013-10B, 2013-10C. (D.) Resolution #2013-129 - Allocation of $8.0M Settlement and Establishment of Special Revenue Fund to account and report on the activity.  http://youtu.be/oMHJpD3rfmI  Produced by John F. Haines, Sr. email: jhainessr@gmail.com 

10-28-13 Radnor Board of Commissioners (BOC) Meeting, Part 3 of 3. In this segment: FINANCE & AUDIT: (continued) (E.) Resolution #2013-131 - Board approval of the 2014 Recommended Comprehensive Budget (previously submitted as the Township Manager Recommended 2014 Budget), subject to further review and amendment prior to final approval. Charter §7.06(A)(2). PARKS & RECREATION; LIBRARY; PUBLIC HEALTH;  PUBLIC WORKS & ENGINEERING; COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT. Old Business, New Business (115 Strafford Conditional Use Decision). Public Participation, Adjournment. http://youtu.be/FnYONjLwTxYProduced by John F. Haines, Sr. email: jhainessr@gmail.com

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