23 Aug 2014
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Five Tips to a Stress-Free Holiday Season

A certified professional organizer shares her secrets to a dazzling holiday season.

Five Tips to a Stress-Free Holiday Season


  • If you haven’t decorated yet, ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t decorate? Ok, what would happen if you decorated minimally? That’s what I am doing this year, and it will be just fine! Look for light in my windows, and if I get very ambitious maybe wreaths on the doors.
  • Get your wrapping supplies together. Create a spot in your house where you can wrap, put your gifts there when you come home from shopping, then you can wrap a few every day! Last year I set up a wrapping station in my den at a desk we rarely use, it really minimized the stress for me (I used to wrap on Christmas morning). Several of my clients use their pool tables for this purpose. Look for a good space in your home.
  • If you are going to send cards, check to see what you have on hand, if you need more grab them the next time you go out. You can get great ones online Shutterfly, Tiny Prints or run into a bookstore, card store, gift shop.
  • Schedule some ME time away form your home and family, whether you choose to walk, get a massage, have your nails done doesn’t matter, having some quiet time will help you maintain your sanity!

Now you have some tools to help you approach the holidays with a smile on your face! Once you have these accomplished you will have a framework to sanity and organization. You will DAZZLE those around you, and maybe even yourself!


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