Jul 29, 2014

Pick Pockets Strike Villanova Restaurant Again

Watch the surveillance video from the crime.

Pick Pockets Strike Villanova Restaurant Again

For the second time in two months a pair of men have pick pocketed someone at .

In May, . The theft was captured on security camera. A witness said he saw two men sitting in the table next to the victim. One of the men was “virtually back-to-back” with her.

Again, caught on security camera were two men doing the same thing on July 20. And Radnor Police say they are pick pocket professionals.

Watch the crime take place in this 6 ABC video.

Someone attempted to use the stolen credit cards from the July 20 theft for $760 worth of goods at Walmart and $600 worth of goods at TJ Maxx, but the attempts may have been unsuccessful.

Both men carry a small backpack.

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