20 Aug 2014
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Patch Instagram photo by dorispectorfineart

Radnor Township Moves Halloween to Sunday

The Radnor Fire Company and Radnor Police Department is having a Halloween Open House at the Radnor Fire House on Wednesday from 5 to 8 p.m.

Radnor Township Moves Halloween to Sunday

An auto phone call went out Wednesday morning stating that Radnor Township Manager Robert Zienkowski is moving Trick-or-Treating to Sunday November 4th from 4 to 6 p.m. out of concern for the safety of the children and their parents.

The Radnor Fire Company and Radnor Police Department is having a Halloween Open House at the Radnor Fire House on Wednesday, October 31 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Radnor Fire House, 121 South Wayne Avenue in Wayne.

Norristown will be pushing Halloween trick-or-treating to the weekend to give authorities time to clear the streets and walkways. But trick-or-treating in other places like Narberth Borough will go forward Wednesday evening.

Poll: Should Trick-or-Treating Be Rescheduled?

The discussion on Radnor Patch's Facebook page went as follows:

So, an inquiry from a Radnor Twp resident: Will the Radnor community be doing Trick or Treat tomorrow? Comment below and let us know if you think Halloween should be on tomorrow.

  • Patty McLaughlin Cheshire No. Kids will be running in the dark and branches will still be all over the place.
  • Gale Bradley Morrison no Friday better!
  • Sadhvi Sahu Khanna No. Too dangerous.
  • Jodi Young Warren No-not prepared and too dangerous.
  • Michele Vinick Barber I vote Halloween on Halloween, especially if schools are open
  • Glenis Robson Hamilton Yes
  • Bridget Guiney Devine Yes
  • Glenis Robson Hamilton Plus last year we did it through snow!
  • Lori Davis Geiling Postpone to the weekend. Safer and gives us time to get candy 
  • Gretchen Gerrow Yes- a short one, as long as it isn't raining hard
  • Kevin D. Geary Postpone till Friday or Saturday night. Rather be late and safe and dry than on time
  • Radnor Patch That's the thing - there is no official "Halloween" decider, is there?
  • Kevin D. Geary Township can and should weigh in. It has been done in other towns. While certainly not official everyone will abide by it
  • Kevin D. Geary Township should weigh in about half of our neighborhood trick or treaters are from other neighborhoods
  • Maureen Higgins Seasholtz How many people without power? What is estimated time of restore by PECO? If most people have power and there aren't huge trees down all over, I think it should go on as scheduled.
  • Samantha Adler-Weitzman I say the township makes the decision known to the residents- I would rather have safe dry kids and postpone it till Friday night! Too dangerous especially if most of the township is still without power! Having no street lights & kids roaming doesn't sound safe at all!
  • Jacquelyn Clark Alber Postpone please till Friday or Saturday!!
  • Michele Vinick Barber @lizcollins, I've just been elected the official Halloween decider. I'll base my decision on bribes. Votes swing for candy
  • Mollie Plotkin Friday night is my vote!!
  • Jill Morrison Wechter Most roads are clear, I say business as usual- everyone is planning for Wed, not everyone can do it or will be home for trick or treaters on Fri or Sat
  • Radnor Patch Okay, I've put the question to the township manager and I'll let you know what I hear back.
  • Todd Freedman Friday
  • Renae Donahue Geary Friday or Saturday we are still without power
  • Radnor Patch I must admit, I'm without power now and it is not a top priority for me to get candy tomorrow. Then again, I get NO trick-or-treaters. Not a one.
  • Gale Ferguson Halloween on Halloween
  • Amy VanGelder So Michele... whats your favorite candy??? I will be over with 2 bags just for you if you make Halloween Friday night!
  • Amy Isley Baumann I'm a yes.
  • Zach Knight Marks Radnor Fire Company is still hosting the Halloween Open House from 5-8pm tomorrow night.
  • Diane C Locker I have work on Friday I can't get off Saturday is better
  • Jodi Young Warren My 9YO (he's very concerned!) and I just did a quick search of other communities (South Jersey, PA) and it seems like quite a few places are postponing trick or treating to Fri, Sat or even Monday, 11/4.
  • Amy VanGelder Just noticed this... buried in the Radnor Township website... a bit unclear... is this a recommendation as opposed to a position for the community? What are my TrickerTreaters to do???? http://www.radnor.com/egov/docs/1351645666357.htm Radnor Township, PA - Trick-or-Treating and Halloween Open House www.radnor.comThe official government website of the Radnor Township, Pennsylvania
  • Jodi Young Warren Amy-I think I'm going to run with it and just tell my small people that we'd doing it on Sunday. And strong arm any and all of my friends into doing the same ; )
  • Amy VanGelder Could this be a Radnor Patch Facebook Page Community Directive, Sam??? Trick or Treating Sunday... I am with you Jodi... Hopefully there will be candy left for the Warrens and Witmers...
  • Erika Spangler Murdocca @Amy. Great find. Think they should be proactively communicating this so everyone is on the same page. Our neighborhood is fine, but I would not want to take my kids out if my neighborhoods power was out.
  • Erika Spangler Murdocca Just saw an email from the Township stating the same as Amy's link.
  • Radnor Patch From Radnor's manager: We have been receiving numerous phone calls and emails regarding trick-or-treat activities for tomorrow night. Please understand, the Township has no control or authority over establishing Trick-or-Treat activities or the establishment of the particular date and time. However, I am encouraging residents to consider having Trick-or-Treat on Sunday, November 4th from 6:00 – 8:00pm out of the concern for the safety of the children and their parents. In light of the recent power outages throughout the Township as well as the wind damage that occurred, I believe it may impact their safety.

    As a great alternative, I recommend the following great family fun event at the Radnor Fire Company
  • Radnor Patch Ok, I just got an auto call from the township that while the Radnor Fire Co Halloween event is still on for tonight, the manager is moving trick or treat to Sunday.
  • Erika Spangler Murdocca Got the same call. Imagine they'll be telling the kids this at school today too.

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