19 Aug 2014
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Radnor Middle and High Schools Get Ready for Another Year

While Radnor High School gets ready for homecoming week, Radnor Middle School adds a virtual lab for its students.

Radnor Middle and High Schools Get Ready for Another Year

This upcoming school year is sure to be a very exciting one for Radnor Middle School. Not only do they have many special events throughout the year, they will also be expanding one of their integrated programs, called Gateways/STEM, from 40 to 80 students.

“STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math,” said Principal, Anthony Stevenson. “It is designed to get kids more involved and interested in the areas of math and science. They will attend their regular classes but at the same time have a focus around the STEM program.”

Radnor Middle School is also opening up a virtual lab that will allow their students to connect with other schools from around the world. The middle school has already partnered with a school located in Peru.

“The virtual lab will give kids the opportunity to partner with other kids from around the world and go on virtual field trips,” said Stevenson.

In honor of September 11,  Radnor Middle School and High School will participate in an honorable recognition that includes a brief ceremony by the flag in the morning followed by a moment of silence and a short reading later that day. The school will also be integrating September 11 in with human rights lessons taught in their social studies classes along with a mandatory constitutional day lesson.

The middle school suffered from a few layoffs last year that caused the staff to come together and do more job sharing in the areas of social work, 504 plans and gifted.

“The staff have been wonderful in stepping up to help out where needed,” commented Stevenson.

has a big year ahead of them at well. Two of the biggest events this year will be LM Week, from November 7 to November 11, and the Homecoming Dance, set for November 12.

“I say this in all sincerity, every day is a special event,” said Principal Mark Schellenger. “Having the opportunity to be around a great group of students who are our future and to facilitate teaching and learning every day is very much a special event!”

The high school has not added any new curriculums for the upcoming school year, but they have not lost any either.

“We have been very fortunate in these tough financial times to be able to maintain and continue to grow key academic and extracurricular opportunities for our students,” said Schellenger.

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