Jul 30, 2014

Main Street Lights Up for Holidays

New Manayunk lights debut this winter.

Main Street Lights Up for Holidays Main Street Lights Up for Holidays Main Street Lights Up for Holidays

It's not just you—Main Street, Manyunk is, in fact, brighter this holiday season.

The Manayunk Special Services District invested nearly $60,000 for the new banner flag lights over and LED lights on the side of Main Street, which were implemented this winter.

Jane Lipton, executive director for the MSSD and Manayunk Development Corporation, said 22, custom-fit lights currently drape across Main Street—with a few more to come. The price may evoke a sticker shock, but the investment, she said, will bring long-term savings. In addition to the flag lights, the snowflakes also were converted to reusable LED lights.

"It's a much more sustainable practice. Every year we spend a lot of money"—($10,000 annually, she said)—"putting them in the trees, then we can't use them again. It's bad for the trees, and I've never liked it. Since I've been in Manayunk, I wanted something not as damaging and that has a longer lifespan," Lipton said.

The holiday display runs through Main Street's entirety—from Ridge to Leverington Avenues. Although some street lights initially didn't work, Lipton said the city's Streets Department acted quickly to fix them.

The 60 new shooting stars lights now will cost $4 a month to run—rather than the $30 previously.

Lipton said the style of lights blend well with Main Street's look.

"We're an historic district, and they are very traditional. We could have done red and green, but we wanted a classic winter light. It think it works well with 100-year-old district," she said.

Visit Manayunk .com for more information.

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