Jul 29, 2014
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Teens Caught Stealing Leetsdale Signs

Police said the juveniles were released to their parents.

Teens Caught Stealing Leetsdale Signs

A group of teens attempted to steal signs Sunday afternoon from the magistrate district judge's yard, but they didn’t get far.

Leetsdale police Patrolman William Dreyer said homeowner District Judge Robert Ford caught the four juveniles around 1:30 p.m. holding two signs from his front yard in the 700 block of Beaver Street.

Dreyer said Ford called police and confronted the teens, two males and two females, who stuck around and waited for police to arrive.

Two of the juveniles were from Ambridge, one from Leetsdale and one from Bell Acres, Dreyer said.  He said the juveniles claimed they planned to stand on the corner and hold the signs up to traffic. 

Dreyer said Ford did not want to press charges, but Dreyer gave the teens a stern warning.

“I told them not to take signs anymore,” Dreyer said.

All parents were notified and came to the police station to pick up their children. 

Signs along Beaver Road challenge students to take the bus to help alleviate traffic and student safety issues outside the high school.

Neighbors are opposed to Quaker Valley plans to .

Police were investigating a similar incident in May after about a dozen signs went missing from the neighborhood, but police do not believe the incidents are related. 


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