Jul 29, 2014
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Frozen Pipes - What You Need to Know

Frozen Pipes - What You Need to Know

When water escapes its intended confines, it causes a lot of damage and the bills can add up quickly.  Many homeowners do not know the full extent to which they are covered for water damage to their property.  ACI Adjustment Group can assist you in fighting for a maximum settlement for water damage, including:


•   Pipe Leaks and Bursts

•   Dishwasher, Washing Machine, and Refrigerator Leaks

•   Water Heater Leaks

•   Toilet, Sink, and Tub Overflows

When damage occurs to your home from a water-related event, ACI Adjustment Group fights to get you paid.   If your insurance company only paid for a small patch job for your water leak (bottom picture), ACI Adjustment Group can give you a second opinion (click for more info).

Experience the ACI Difference.

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