23 Aug 2014
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Find a Good Babysitter

Having a life outside parenting means finding someone to watch your children, but who can you trust?

Find a Good Babysitter

Finding someone to watch of your child, or children at times is key to being able to have an “adult life.”

But how do you find that babysitter? They don't suggest leaving children in the care of the family dog, like they do in Peter Pan, so how do you find someone you can trust with the responsibility of caring for your child?

My son is now a year and a half, and I’m blessed to have a number of relatives nearby, so Mom Mom or Granddad are the go-to babysitters for us, but they have lives too and are not always available.

Unfortunately, although our neighborhood has older children, they aren’t quite old enough for babysitting yet.

Where to Look

In today’s world of digital connections, there are websites that will link babysitters and parents and you can always post your own notices to sites like Craigslist.

Have you found a site that works for you? Have you found another way of finding a good babysitter that works for you? Share your advice for other parents in the comments area below.

What To Ask

I’ve had some moms tell me that they do background checks on their potential babysitters. Do you go that far?

Do you insist on a sitter having taken a babysitter and/or CPR class?

Kids Health from Nemours suggests preparing interview questions before meeting with a prospective babysitter, asking about childcare experience and CPR training.

How do you screen potential babysitters? What are the red flags for you?

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