Jul 28, 2014
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Cickay urges the Pennsylvania General Assembly to pass Medicaid Expansion immediately

 Calls on opponent to do the right thing this time around

 Newtown, PA – Candidate for State Senate (SD-10), Steve Cickay urges the General Assembly to move swiftly in passing Medicaid Expansion this session for the well over half a million Pennsylvanians who currently do not have healthcare coverage.

 Cickay said, “I was very happy to see this issue brought back up this year because  Medicaid Expansion makes both business and moral sense. There are over half a million people in Pennsylvania without healthcare coverage that would immediately be able to get coverage. Not only would expansion provide those people healthcare, but it will bring Pennsylvanian tax dollars back to Pennsylvania, bringing in four billion dollars annually to stimulate our economy and creating roughly 35,000 new jobs across the Commonwealth”.

 “I hope we can see this legislation move swiftly through the General Assembly and sent to Governor Corbett for his signature. I also hope my opponent will not turn his back on the people of Pennsylvania as he did last year when he voted with the Corbett agenda against Medicaid Expansion. The Corbett-McIlhinney agenda has been harmful to Pennsylvania, harmful to Bucks County and harmful to the 10th District.” Cickay continued,” We need legislators who will put people and good public policy ahead of ideology and that is exactly what I intend to do as the 10thDistrict’s next Senator.”


 Steve Cickay is a retired IT executive; he worked with the Departments of Army, Navy, Labor and Treasury where he managed 600 employees across 17 states. Steve and his wife Susan have lived in Newtown, PA for almost 30 years and have raised their two children there.


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