21 Aug 2014
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More on Smart Meters
Smart Meter Primer.
Smart meters are being forced on unaware and uninformed captive ratepayers in order for the government to ration everyone's electricity. (Of course, the Elites will have as much electricity as they want.) Because the EPA has decommissioned hundreds of electric generating plants, and will not issue permits to build new electric generating plants, the amount of available electricity is decreasing. The Smart Meters will monitor your every move, 24/7/365, in order to produce an "energy profile" on you. Then, faceless bureaucrats will decide if you are using too much and involuntarily cut your flow of electricity back to a level they deem "fair." Every ratepayer will pay $300+ for their Smart Meter, an unprecedented tax on every household for utility company equipment. Plus, if PECO installs 660,000 Smart Meters, they will get $200 million from the government, again paid by every taxpayer. Smart Meters emit and receive military-weapons-grade microwaves all the time, impacting the health of a significant number of people, especially children and pregnant women. Smart Meters are touted as a tool to save consumers money, for instance, by using time-of-day pricing. Fine, if you want to do your laundry at 3 AM. Smart Meters are sold as being "green." But they are not-there is a net loss of energy with their implementation. Smart Meters have no security from hackers: zero, nada, none. Anyone driving by your home can find out everything about your electric use and develop a profile they can exploit, as well as tamper with the electric grid at will, creating chaos and havoc. Due to insufficient electric generating capacity, California has scheduled rolling brown-outs and black-outs. Smart Meters will enable the government to curtail your electricity in a like manner, as they see fit. Instead of increasing electric generating capacity, the government wants all of us to lower our standard of living (not the Elites, who will have all they want), and Smart Meters will surely do that. In response to Obama's Smart Grid initiative in 2009, Ed Rendell saw to it that for Act 129 (2009) was passed which mandates smart meters for everyone in Pennsylvania. Now held hostage in the PA House Consumer's Affairs Committee are bills allowing a Smart Meter opt-out for Pennsylvanians (HB 899, HB 902, HB 906). Contact your Representative and your Senator and tell them if they don't vote for opt-out, you will vote them out of office. Sincerely, Tom McCarey

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