Jul 30, 2014

Firefighter of the Month: Michael Young

Meet Michael Young of Upper Macungie who volunteers for Station 56.

Firefighter of the Month: Michael Young


Michael Young, 32, is a volunteer with . Originally from Herndon, Virginia, he’s been with 56 for six months. That makes him the newbie, but he says he really wants to help those in need of care.

Tell a story you'll never forget about your firefighting experience: "For me, it was the first time I did CPR on my first patient. I will never forget it  …  it has changed my life.”

What do you most want people in the community to know about the work? "Being a firefighter is much more than putting out fires. It is a brotherhood, and most importantly we are all family. These men and women put in many long hours of training and they take a lot of time away from their family’s putting their own lives on the line to help the community. Way to go Station 56; we are proud of you.”

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