Jul 25, 2014

Coopersburg Council Displays New Borough Flag

The borough seal, a cow, wheel, seven stars, and octagon, represents Coopersburg's rich past, brought to life by councilman Jack Felch

Coopersburg Council Displays New Borough Flag Coopersburg Council Displays New Borough Flag

 displayed the first borough flag, with the borough seal created by Ralph Wood, at the committee workshop Feb. 21.

The seal, a cow, wheel, seven stars, and an octagon, represents Coopersburg's past and is the brain child of Councilman Jack Felch says Colby Kent, Treasurer of the Historical Society.

“I think things like business cards and flags promote an atmosphere of seriousness and professionalism,” said Felch.

The flag's symbols all represent historical components of Coopersburg. The cow represents Coopersburg’s past as a major cattle-auctioning site. The carriage wheel a symbol for Kern Carriage Works. Der Siebenstern, the borough’s first inn, is represented by seven stars. The octagon is the shape of Coopersburg's first school.

Cattle were imported for auction from Jersey Isle to be sold on Decoration Day, says Kent.

The Cooper home, at 600 S. Main Street, became nationally and internationally famous for the Jersey Cattle Sales and attracted buyers across the globe. The Linden Grove Sales Pavilion across the street allowed sales to continue during inclement weather, according to the Coopersburg website. Cooper mansion is now owned by Jack Felch, and the pavillion is in the proces of being converted to a residence by mayor Tim Paashaus.

 “It’s important to Jack [Felch] and I because we have property that was owned by the Coopers as well,” said Paashaus.

Kern Works Carriage Shop, at Main Street and Station Avenue, sold undercarriages with wheels built under the body of the wagon which allowed greater mobility on city streets. Kern later made automobile frames after carriages became obsolete, says Clifford Benner, President of the

Der Siebenstern, german for seven stars, was the first hotel in Coopersburg and hosted 15-30 carriages a night. The carriages, traveling from Bethlehem to Philadelphia, would trade supplies at each city, staying in Coopersburg for the night, says Benner.

“Traveling 20 miles, in a wagon, that's a long trip,” he added.

The Octagon School, shaped like an octagon, was the first school house in Coopersburg, says Benner.

Another Coopersburg seal, made by Benner during the borough centennial, is used by the historical society. The seal has an inner and outer circle representing working together in good and bad times, dinosaurs tracks to memorialize prints found off 309, a bull representing the naming of the borough, and three rings representing the center of our community, says

The next step is approving the flag and creating an ordinance for the color scheme, says Felch.

“Now I need a pole to put it on,” he added, tongue in cheek.

For more information, “The Town of Possibilities”, a book on the history of Coopersburg, can be bought from the Historical Society musuem for $15.

The historical society seal can be seen at the

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