Jul 30, 2014
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School Board Candidate: Louis Oliverio

Candidate profile for the upcoming primary election on May 17.

School Board Candidate: Louis Oliverio

Louis Oliverio is running for the Upper St. Clair School Board for the first time this year. His decision comes as Gov. Tom Corbett proposed to significantly cut state funding.

"I'm aware of the challenges," Oliverio said. "We're going to have to deal with less money. I will want to be very cautious about spending and look at all of our options.

"It's very important to maintain the quality of the school district, but we will have to be resourceful."

Oliverio said he's ready to step up to the challenge for two main reasons. The first, he said he is concerned because he has young children who will be coming into the school district in a few years. 

The second, he has a desire to serve the community.

"I've always been an engaged citizen," Oliverio said. "It's important to know the issues and provide leadership."

Oliverio moved his family to Upper St. Clair in 2008. He grew up in Fayette County, completed his undergraduate studies at Duke University and his graduate studies at Wake Forest University.

His family spent some time in Atlanta before he decided to move back to the Pittsburgh area. The award-winning school district was a big factor when he and his wife were deciding where to buy a house.

Oliverio is a commercial real estate attorney for a national firm. He said the skills he has learned from being an attorney would help him serve on the school board.

"I've been handed a lot of complex issues," he said. "I can solve problems quickly and effectively."

Oliverio said he is ready to come up with creative solutions to meet the budgetary challenge.

"I do have confidence."

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