23 Aug 2014
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Warminster Road Watch

Look out for those teeth-rattling potholes around town.

Warminster Road Watch

With the threat of snow gone until next winter, it's time to assess the damage caused by the extreme weather and the corrosive salt. WarminsterPatch will be patrolling the area looking for especially bad roads that need repair.

There's no feeling like running over a particularly bad pothole and hearing that load "thump," knowing that a trip to the mechanic to fix your alignment is in the near future.

In some cases, if you are vigilant, you can slightly swerve to avoid individual craters. For our first entry, however, the hazard runs the whole width of Cypress Road at the corner of Chestnut. If you are traveling on Cypress, there's just no avoiding it unless you detour to a parallel street.

If yo come across some especially hazardous local streets, post it in the comments or drop us a line at james.boyle@patch.com.

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