15 Sep 2014
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Council to Discuss Take Home Vehicle Policy

Ending the borough's take home vehicle policy is just one of the agenda items for Tuesday's West Chester committee meetings.

Council to Discuss Take Home Vehicle Policy

The West Chester Borough Council will hold night two of its committee meetings on Tuesday, Dec. 11 starting at 5:30 p.m.

On Tuesday night, the Public Safety Committee will meet first followed by the Finance Committee at 6:30 and the Planning, Zoning and Industrial Development Committee at 7:30.

Here are the agenda highlights for each meeting:

Public Safety

Two items jump out on this agenda.  First, the borough will discuss establishing “quiet zones” where fines for noise violations would be increased.  The committee has discussed doing this the last several months, and while some are concerned about its enforceability, others think it might act as a deterrent regardless.

The second item is that the committee will hear a report from the security company that is walking patrols in the neighborhoods near West Chester University on weekend nights.  The patrols have been in effect since last spring, and the committee will be interested in their effectiveness.

Finance Committee

The big one on this agenda is that the committee will discuss how to properly compensate employees now that it appears the borough will end the take home vehicle policy.  Until now, certain borough employees were allowed to take municipal vehicles home with them.  The borough council has discussed eliminating that policy in order to save money on fuel and vehicle maintenance. 

Planning, Zoning and Industrial Development

There’s some dry stuff on this agenda.  The committee will discuss revising parking requirements for multiple family apartment units with 20 or more dwelling units.  There will also be a discussion around expanding the borough’s historic district so that the borough can better regulate demolitions.

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