Jul 25, 2014

D’Ascenzo’s Gelato: The Sweet Spot on Swinging Thursday

Gelato shop features a "taste of Italy."

D’Ascenzo’s Gelato: The Sweet Spot on Swinging Thursday D’Ascenzo’s Gelato: The Sweet Spot on Swinging Thursday D’Ascenzo’s Gelato: The Sweet Spot on Swinging Thursday

On April 9, local dessert lovers found their prayers had been answered. After mourning the loss of popular gelataria Sprazzo, a new kid on the block blew them out of the water: D’Anscenzo’s Gelato. This quaint family owned and operated shop is ideally located on East Gay Street in West Chester’s own “Little Italy”, just a hop and a skip from both Nonna’s and i-Pasta.

Owners Glenn and Kristin D’Ascenzo got into the gelato business in 2004.  Glenn shares that they were inspired by their first trip to Italy in 1999.  “My wife and I had the gelato everywhere we went, but our favorite was the gelataria by the Pantheon,” he intimates. “We enjoyed the experience and the intense flavors and thought it was such a beautiful display.”

The D’Anscezo’s began their business in 2004 and are now are open daily at their 132 E. Gay Street location.  They are also available for wholesale and continue to participate in many outdoor events, such as tonight’s Swinging Thursday Festival. They will have a special gelato cart for the event. “We will be in the middle of the excitement for Swinging Thursday with our custom mobile gelato cart,” says Kristin.  “Look for our green striped awning, which'll be serving several of our best flavors.  We will also be open at the store front offering the daily 24 flavors in the case.”

"Typically the weekends have been busy and the evenings, particularly after dinner.  Our customers enjoy strolling to our gelato shop and sitting in our Piazza or street side with our outdoor seating.  We also have a little outdoor music playing for their enjoyment," Kristin added.

The couple’s passion for gelato making came from their family’s love of fresh ingredients and homemade meals.  “My grandmother was always cooking and making her pastas.  My grandfather who came from Italy also made his own wines and liqueurs.  My parent still love to prepare meals for the whole family.  I am grateful for the inspiration and support I have received from my family, friends, and all of our customers," said Glen

Making two stops to the shop for this piece, I felt it was my duty as a reporter to sample the goods. Words can’t describe the heaven of their caramel, peanut butter chocolate, kahlua and cream, and hazelnut flavors. The sorbets, also offered in a wide variety of colorful flavors, are the perfect refreshing treat for the hot weather we’ve been experiencing. The pear champagne and chocolate chambord flavors are reason enough to make the trip. After all, why go to Rome when you can go to Gay Street?

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