22 Aug 2014
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State Legislature Candidate Criticizes Truitt

Bret Binder Strongly Criticizes Dan Truitt’s Anti-Choice, Harrisburg Mandate.

State Legislature Candidate Criticizes Truitt

The following is a press release from the Bret Binder campaign

Bret Binder strongly criticized the anti-choice legislation that was co-sponsored by his Republican opponent, Dan Truitt. Speaking to East Goshen Township Democrats, Bret said “this legislation is an unwelcome and unnecessary intrusion into women’s health and rights.” Bret is pro-choice and believes that women’s health is more important than any narrow political agenda.

Echoing comments that have been made by Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats, Bret said that he believes abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” He believes that women, along with their families, doctors, and clergy are capable of making this decision without interference from right-wing Harrisburg politicians.

Truitt’s legislation is House Bill 1077. It would require women to undergo a time-consuming and potentially costly ultrasound examination prior to being able to have an abortion. Bret pointed out that in some cases, a highly-invasive transvaginal ultrasound could be necessary to comply with Truitt’s legislation. Bret said “We should not let Harrisburg politicians mandate this type of medical intrusion into women’s lives and bodies.”

Bret is an attorney and candidate for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 156th District, which includes West Chester Borough, West Goshen Township, East Goshen Township, and portions of East Bradford Township. Bret’s campaign will focus on three main issues – education, the economy, and the environment. Bret said “Truitt should be fighting FOR jobs instead of AGAINST women!”

Bret is the founder and managing partner of Binder & Canno, LLC. His practice focuses on small businesses, real estate, and commercial litigation. Prior to founding the firm, he served as a law clerk for the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Bret earned his law degree at Villanova University School of Law. He has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania where he also minored in mathematics and engineering. Bret was a star athlete in high school and college and continues to play semi-pro baseball and bowl with his family in a local league.

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