Jul 28, 2014

'Cat-Catcher' Did Not Trap Animal

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross said there appears to have been some miscommunication between police officers about a woman who brought a bird-killing cat to the station.

'Cat-Catcher' Did Not Trap Animal

Barrington Police Chief John LaCross wants to set the record straight about the “cat catcher” on Ferry Lane.

LaCross said he spoke to the “cat catcher,” who identified herself as Amy O’Donnell in a comment to the Patch story headlined Cat-Catcher Told That’s No-No that was posted Sept. 11.

She said, in part, that the story did not have the facts straight about her bringing a collar-less cat to the police station that had been killing birds and chasing bunnies in her yard.

LaCross said the woman told him she did not illegally trap the animal as was reported to Patch by the police chief using information in the incident report and a narrative from the animal control officer (ACO).

“I spoke to Mrs. O’Donnell last week and she stated that she saw the cat, actually picked it up and transported it to the station in a cat-carrier, never trapping the cat,” LaCross said in an email to Patch. “She said that she knew that the cat was someone’s pet and never used a trap.”

LaCross said: “There must have been some miscommunication or misinterpretation between our officer and our ACO. I’m not sure if the word trap was used for ‘taken custody of’ the cat, but after reviewing the original call, Mrs. O’Donnell never used the word trap and said: 'I have the cat in a cat carrier now'.”

LaCross provided the ACO’s narrative, which does use the word “trapped” twice for the pet cat, described as a small gray tiger that apparently roams the neighborhood. Cats can roam as long as they are licensed and vaccinated for rabies, according to the ACO.

The tiger cat was not wearing a collar with a license, however, and its rabies vaccination had expired, according to the ACO. The owner was told to keep the cat in the house until it got a license and was vaccinated or receive a summons.

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