Jul 28, 2014

Citizens Help Corral Drunk Driver

An East Providence man faces DUI charges after three citizens helped Barrington police officers last Friday afternoon, Dec. 7.

Citizens Help Corral Drunk Driver

A Riverside man, 51, was charged with drunk driving in Barrington last week after the Porsche he was driving hit a car in a bank parking lot. Several citizens helped make the arrest.

William J. Foxley, 51, of 16 Glen St., East Providence, was charged with a DUI after a caller told Barrington police that his Porsche was swerving all over County Road (Route 114) near Federal Road in Barrington while driving very slowly at about 2 pm on Friday, Dec. 7.

Another citizen then blocked in Foxley’s car in the Bank of America parking lot in Barrington so it couldn’t leave after it struck a vehicle there. Three witnesses in all told police that they believe he was driving drunk, said Barrington Police Chief John LaCross.

Four patrol officers eventually responded to the bank parking lot, where Foxley was found slumped in the driver’s seat. He appeared lethargic, confused, dazed and smelled strongly of alcohol, LaCross said.

Foxley was taken to the police station where he agreed to take two Breathalyzer tests. His blood-alcohol levels at mid-day, said LaCross, were .262 and .266 – three times the legal limit in Rhode Island.

He was arraigned in the police station by a justice of the peace. Barrington EMTs then were called to the station to transport Foxley to the detoxification unit at Rhode Island Hospital.

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