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Earn Stripes: Pass Candy Cane Quiz

Dec. 26 is National Candy Cane Day.

Earn Stripes: Pass Candy Cane Quiz

It's National Candy Cane Day, which seems fitting given that you likely have a surplus lying around your Barrington home at this point in the holiday season.

We visited the National Confectioners Association website to gather the questions and answers for a quiz dedicated to the striped peppermint candy synonymous with the season.

The quiz is available as a PDF so it's easy to print off and share with friends or family gathered at your house for the holidays. Or just test your knowledge below:

Candy Cane Quiz

1. Legend places the origin of the candy cane in the:

A. 1900s
B. 1800s
C. 1700s
D. 1600s

2. According to legend, candy canes began as a means of:

A. Rewarding shepherds for successfully guarding a flock.
B. Bartering for the Christmas ham.
C. Keeping choir children quiet during Christmas mass.
D. Decorating the Christmas tree.

3. The candy canes shape is said to symbolize:

A. A fishing hook
B. A shepherd’s crook
C. A ram’s horn
D. A beckoning finger

4. True or false: Candy canes were originally peppermint flavored.


5. Candy canes were originally:

A. White
B. Red and green striped
C. Red and white striped
D. Brown

6. The world’s largest candy cane ever was about:

A. 10 feet tall
B. 33 feet tall
C. 58 feet tall
D. 74 feet tall

7. Candy canes have been mass produced since the:

A. 1750s
B. 1870s
C. 1910s
D. 1950s

8. The box in which candy canes are packaged is called a:

A. trough
B. cradle
C. net
D. box

9. True or False: Candy canes shrink-wrap themselves.


10. Each year 1.76 billion candy canes are produced. That’s enough candy canes to stretch from Santa Clause, Ind., to North Pole, Alaska, and back:

A. 6 times
B. 15 times
C. 32 times
D. 54 times

Take a look at page 2 of the attached PDF for answers.

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