Jul 28, 2014

Swiping of Patio Furniture Thwarted

Clarke Road neighbor allegedly entered the back yard of a Watson Avenue home to swipe cushions from lawn furniture.

Swiping of Patio Furniture Thwarted

Lock up your patio furniture?

A 48-year-old Watson Avenue man reported to Barrington police on Wednesday evening, Sept. 19, that he witnessed a neighbor swiping cushions from his back-yard patio furniture.

The Watson Avenue man told police that he began following a Clarke Road woman from his back yard to the street, said Police Chief John LaCross. He told police that the woman “dropped the cushions” on Watson Road when he yelled at her and asked her what she was doing.

Patrol Officer Marc Pimental responded to the 7 pm call from the Watson Road man, according to the police report. He went to the house on Clarke Road, which runs parallel to Watson Avenue in the Nayatt neighborhood, to confront the woman a few minutes later.

The woman’s husband answered the door and alleged that his wife was not feeling well, said the police chief. The officer persisted in his attempt to talk with her. She claimed to have no knowledge of the attempted theft, LaCross said.

The Watson Road man told the police officer that he did not wish to pursue criminal charges against the woman, LaCross said.

It is not known if the Watson Avenue man is now locking up his patio furniture.

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