Jul 30, 2014
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'Town Center' Signage Plan Sought

The Barrington Planning Board wants to create a 'Streetscape/Wayfinding Signage' plan for the town.

'Town Center' Signage Plan Sought

The underused kiosk that sits just off the East Bay Bike Path at the Barrington Shopping Plaza may finally be destined for a makeover as part of a larger signage plan for the town. 

The Planning Board is looking for a consultant to create a “Streetscape/Wayfinding Signage” plan for town center. The kiosk is one of the elements expected to be a significant part of the plan, said Town Planner Phil Hervey.

“We want to capitalize on the bike path,” said Hervey. "We've never done that."

The overall signage plan is expected to develop directional signs and maps that will -- for the first time -- direct bikers, walkers, shoppers and tourists in vehicles around town center, in particular. The plan is seen as particularly important with Barrington creating a new park at Police Cove just off the bike path at the Andreozzi Bridge over the Barrington River. 

“The plan will use wayfinding elements, in particular, to encourage people to travel and shop around town,” said Hervey.

The planning board first, of course, must approve a request for proposal for consultants. It is on the board’s agenda for tonight’s meeting. 

That RFP will then go to the Town Council for final approval and funding.

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