Jul 29, 2014

Bristol Resident Publishes Android App Textbook

Jim Sheusi's new textbook was released in early February and is available on Amazon.com.

Bristol Resident Publishes Android App Textbook

Got an App for that?

Jim Sheusi, 56, of Bristol, is a professor and Department Chairman of Computer and Information Sciences Johnson & Wales University. But in his free time, Sheusi seemingly eats, breathes and sleeps technology.

In 2011, Sheusi created a or, "App", for Android users across the United States within a 10 mile radius of their current location. Now, Sheusi has completed his latest venture by publishing a textbook to teach others how to create their own Android Apps.

"I decided that writing a textbook was on my bucket list," Sheusi said. "It's something I always wanted to do for years."

Sheusi said he chose the topic of Android apps for his textbook not only because the Android is his specialty, but because it is the most popular mobile device operating system.

Sheusi said he started putting his book together in the summer of 2011 and used his 100 page class manual during the fall and sent it in as a prototype for the book. 

"They liked it right away, probably because I submitted essentially a finished work," he said. "So over the rest of the school year I got it all done and it was published in the first week of February."

One of the best things about his new textbook, Android Application Development for Java Programmers, is that it is only about 300 pages and at a price of about $22, the book is relatively inexpensive for students.

"Hopefully other schools will decide to use it in a class," he said, "but it's also available for people who just want to learn about the topic."

Sheusi says he is excited that his hard work has paid off and that the book is finally out. He plans to donate copies to , and .

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