20 Aug 2014
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OMG PD: Burning Love, Luck of the Irish?

Take a look at some of the most compelling police reports form around the state. An arrest does not indicate a conviction.

OMG PD: Burning Love, Luck of the Irish?


Man Sets Ex-Girlfriend’s Car on Fire

Love’s eternal flame may have fizzled out for this couple, but that didn’t mean the fire was out of the picture. After an apparently bad breakup, one Bradford man decided to get back at his ex-girlfriend by showing up at her work and telling her he had lit her car on fire. One of her coworkers went outside to check and discovered the man was not bluffing. A female North Kingstown officer found the man walking down the road and, after a brief struggle, was able to subdue him and get him in handcuffs. While in the patrol car, he allegedly asked the officers to drive him by the car so he “could make sure it was worth it.”

A Bit too Proud of One’s Heritage

No matter how Irish you are, .08 is still .08 when it comes to drunken driving. One South Kingstown woman tried to convince officers into believing that,  Police had pulled over the 21-year-old woman after she reportedly swerved and hit a curb. During the stop, police reportedly noticed the woman her passengers all smelled of alcohol and that there was vomit in the car. After officers told the woman that her ethnicity had no bearing on her ability to drive under the influence, they proceeded to educate her on what constitutes drunken driving. When she was told that .08 is the legal limit by law, she allegedly said, “Well, that’s gay.”

Why Warren?

See if you can follow this lesson in Rhode Island geography... a man calls Warren Police from a pay phone in Central Falls because he's angry about how law enforcement handled a fatal car accident in East Greenwich that killed a woman from Providence, and threatens any State Police who may be working near the Connecticut border.

When the Warren officer asked the man why he called the East Bay department, the caller replied: "Well, you [expletive] idiot, you pass it on to them."

State Police are seeking help identifying the caller.

“I Ran For God Damn Congress!”

One-time Congressional candidate Michael Riley was arrested on DUI charges and pepper-sprayed this past week in Narragansett. According to reports, Riley was swerving all over (and off) the road before police pulled him over. Riley was allegedly agitated and uncooperative with officers during the arrest, telling police they had no right to pull him over and they were “going to lose [their] jobs for this.” He also accused one officer of pulling him over three times that night. When police tried to put him in handcuffs, Riley allegedly told police he was walking home and screamed, “I ran for God damn Congress.” Riley continued to walk away from officers and resist arrest, prompting police to pepper spray him. As officers handcuffed Riley (a Republican) on the ground, he reportedly screamed, “Obama was right!”

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